4451 Napier Ave Macon, GA 31210

Platinum Automotive Group

Has been serving customers with platinum service since 1999!

Platinum Automotive Group started off started by offering a Vehicle Locating Service in which customers requested a specific vehicles year, make, model. color and options and Platinum Automotive Group would secure the exact vehicle. A practice that Platinum Automotive Group still offers today.

In early 2015 Platinum Automotive Group expanded the business to include the new location to service customers with vehicles that are available RIGHT NOW for purchase. Make no mistake about it Platinum Automotive Group is offering the vehicles of the highest quality at the new location. The same meticulous attention to detail that Platinum Automotive Group has offered for their Vehicle Locating Service is the EXACT SAME attention to detail you'll find on the lot.

Stop by Platinum Automotive Group today at 4451 Napier Ave. Macon, GA 31210 see the current selection of Platinum Quality Standard and Luxury Vehicles many customers expect from Platinum Automotive Group.